Combine relaxation with wide range of sports activities, sight seeing, educational and recreation activities and you definitely end one fine day without noticing.

Hanging Bridge Kayak Archery
Hanging Bridge Kayak Archery
Sports Activities Pony Ride Big Swing
Sports Activities Pony Ride Big Swing
Nature Walk Waterfall Visit Domestic Farm
Nature Walk Waterfall Visit Domestic Farm
Fruit Farm Night Walk Fishing
Fruit Farm Night Walk Fishing
River Boat Ride River Boat Ride River Boat Ride
River Boat Ride Bumper Ball Mini Flying Fox
River Boat Ride River Boat Ride
Monkey Slide Water Roller  

Nature Walk

Relax and take a deep breath in the fresh, cool air of the rainforest. An awakening of your senses of sights and sounds by taking a leisurely walk along the trails and feast your eyes on the natural beauty of tropical rainforest. Open up your ears and listen to the sounds of the bug’s life and wild jungle birds.

Rainforest Trekking

Venture into the tropical rainforest for maximum connection with the natural tropical greenery. Let your spirit of adventure brings you to explore and discover the secrets of nature. Catch sight of birds, squirrels, monkeys and more species of flora and fauna which can only be found in tropical rainforest.

Waterfall Visit

Located 800 meters from the resort, guests walk on wooden plank walks built above the ground level and meandering through the rainforest bordering Lambir Hills National Park to reach the amazingly calming and delightful natural waterfall. Enjoy a refreshing bath in the crystal clear and cool natural waterfall right in the middle of the rainforests.

Domestic Farm

Spanning across 70 acres, the domestic animal farm rears free range farm chicken, sheep and goats. It is an educational treat for those interested in domestic farming. Jump on a farm tractor train to the domestic animal farm and help to feed the chickens and sheep for the ultimate educational experience.

Fruit Farm

Spanning over 100 acres of land, you will come into close encounter with 38 species of fruit trees. Seasonal tropical fruits such as Durian, bananas, longan, breadfruit, cempedak, coconut, dabai, dragon fruit, langsat, jambu air, local orange, mango assorted, lime, papaya, pineapple, pomelo, rambutan and many more others are found in the orchard. Our farm guides will be there to share with you the farming experience.


Located across the Sarawak Pavilion, the fresh water fish pond is 8 acres in size and 17 meters in depth, rearing a variety of fresh water fish such as sultan, patin, tilapia, lampam jawa, sayan, tuman, keli, labi-labi and kura-kura. Our fishing packages are available at RM20.00 nett per 4 hours' block period. Guests may also rent fishing rods upon placing a RM20.00 deposit for each fishing rod.

River Boat Ride

All aboard for a river boat ride in the tranquil lake and river and enjoy the flora and fauna along the journey.


BBQs areas are provided at the Sarawak Pavilion, Borneo Pavilion and the Empurau Hall I and II where you can have a BBQ party with your family and friends. Guests may book the BBQ menu package from One Tree Hill Café or set up their own BBQ in the convenience of their room terraces.

Sports Activities

Challenge your friends or family members to a test of fitness with a game of badminton or basketball in the multi-purpose hall located opposite One Tree Hill Café.

Night Safari / Discovery

For the adventurous guests who wish to catch a glimpse of the wildlife at night the resort offers night safari on wooden plank walk.

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